Mom and Mi #3: The Age Mix

amanda pic.jpeg

My kids are spaced two years apart in age; a reality for which we planned and hoped.  But I did not anticipate how difficult it would be to find activities for them both to participate in, aside from the ones at home. They’re split up in school, with friends, and in classes. It’s a bummer. They enjoy doing things together and I have wanted to encourage it. Enter Yo Re Mi.

I am fully aware that an age range of “2 to 8” does not easily lend itself to an easy go of it. However, somehow Yo Re Mi manages to delight them all; even those kids who have aged comfortably into their elementary school years.  And they make it look easy.  No, they make it look fun. The big kids get to show off their skills and show the little ones how to do the poses. The little ones delight in grooving to the songs, and amaze us all with how much they can actually do.

My two are not the only sibling pair in the class. Other parents have caught onto how fantastic it is to have their pair of smalls enjoy the same activity for a while. Tonight, as I was begging them to fall asleep already, my girls were exchanging a little Yo Re Mi “Volcano Pose” call and answer: one girl would whisper, “bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble…” and the other would return, “boom!”  - Amanda Beresford, parent