Mom and Mi #2: The Life of a Firefly


Every week in Yo Re Mi, the kids get to take a “trip” somewhere special. Last week, we ventured to France and this week, we went camping. The kids bent themselves into “tent” poses, turned their arms into the flames of a campfire (complete with trance music thumping a beat and the kids chanting), and most exciting of all, performed a “firefly dance.”

One of the greatest things about parenting for me has been getting the chance to re-enter that magical kid-world: the one where monsters and fairies seem real, and the fact that the earth tilts and rotates on its axis creating our days and nights seems just as fantastical. In Yo Re Mi, that world is a celebrated.  To turn our yoga studio into a world of fireflies, Rachel and Dan gave every kid a tiny LED flashlight they could flash on and off. They darkened the room, turned on a waltz, and the kids went at it: dancing around the room, flashing their lights here and there. We were fireflies.

Later that night, my older daughter recalled chasing fireflies on July 4th (next year, she promised, she’ll get up the nerve to actually catch one).  We made plans for a “real” camping trip for the spring although, I suspect, she’ll be showing off her firefly moves all week. Even real camping, can’t beat a good firefly dance. - Amanda Beresford, parent