Mom and Mi #1: Home...Ommmmmm


This afternoon, I took my two girls (ages 4 and 2) to their very first yoga & music class with Rachel and Dan. Since my little one is on the small side, I got to stay and practice my yoga right along side the two of them. My Older one is the kid who is ready to jump in moments after arriving—happy to pretend to be a backpack, bark like a (downward) dog, and row across the ocean.  Smalls, on the other hand, would not budge from my lap for the first half of the class.  She finally got into it when she could pretend to be a boat and, by the end, she was wiggling, blowing a feather from her hand and generally crawling all over me to try to get me into Rachel-like contortions for her own amusement.  So, I’d say we had great success. 

The best part though, was the end. The last song we sing is a song about “home.” A good-bye song where we quiet down, and sing “home” in a long, drawn out fashion, essentially getting the kids to breath out a healing “oooooommmmm.” When I realized we were om-ing (it’s time someone turned that into a verb), I started to giggle. Probably not the best reaction when in class with the Smalls, but it felt sneaky and wonderful.  We all left having breathed deeply together, which I don’t think is something I can say about anything else we’ve ever done.  - Amanda Beresford, parent