Mom and Mi #5: Do Re...I Mean Yo Re Mi

amanda pic.jpeg

How do they come up with these songs? Today, we took a trip to Madagascar as a class via airplane, whale, space ship, helicopter and car - whatever struck the kids’ fancy.  What amazes me about Yo Re Mi, is that Dan and Rachel not only go with whatever suggestions the kids give, but they are somehow prepared for them. All of them.  When one of the kids begged to ride in a “helicopter” to Madagascar, I thought perhaps they’d finally been stumped. I was wrong. There was already a pose and rhyme ready to teach. Then came the space ship - same thing.

 When we arrived in Madagascar we became lemurs and palm trees (kids doing tree pose is possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen) and every pose came with a rhyming, brilliant song of its own. My favorite was the song about the tomato frog. I had never heard of a tomato frog before, but Dan and Rachel sang an entire song as we hopped around. In the song’s narrative, the frog took on the personality of a romantic, love-struck Italian boy. I don’t recall the specifics of the story other than that I believe the frog wanted to woo a lemur, but it was brilliant. I was honestly sad when the kids moved on from tomato frogs and I didn’t get to hear the end of the song. But they wanted to slither across the floor like chameleons, so I really could not protest. After all, it only led to more fabulous songs.  - Amanda Beresford, parent