Mom and Mi #4: A Pirate's Life For Mi

Amanda Pic.jpeg

Our class seemed to cross a threshold today. We crossed that line between a bunch of strangers coming together for a class, into the territory of people delighted to meet again and play together. The kids have picked up a lot of the words to the songs and even the kids who were initially shy are happy to jump in.

This week, we jumped into the “water,” in order to get to our pirate boat. When Rachel asked the kids how they could travel to the ocean, my little one joyfully yelled out, “whale!” While I was still laughing at the slightly inappropriate response, Rachel was busy getting the kids into “whale” poses. We rode in boat-poses, we sang pirate songs, and even got to sneak onto a pirate boat by pretending to be crabs (that is, doing the crabwalk across the floor).  

 And yes, we found the buried treasure box, but all the pirate booty was gone, so the kids each got to pretend that they found their own favorite “treasure.” What I will treasure from the class is how we rolled across the floor at the end, making sounds of crashing waves as we rolled back to the beach and back to our lives.  - Amanda Beresford, parent