Mom and Mi #7: Under the Big Top

amanda pic.jpeg

I have a confession: I don’t actually plan on taking my kids to the circus. Well, the big one with the elephants, at least. Frankly, it’s too expensive and I hear so many horrible things about the animals and I guess I’m just a stingy curmudgeon and my kids will, no doubt, harbor some deep-set resentment that they’ll have to work through in therapy as adults. Lest you begin to feel too sorry for my smalls, we have gone to the tiny one with a few clowns and people swinging on a trapeze. I’m not that mean.

Cut to this week’s Yo Re Mi class and viola! The Circus. The big top circus. This is the kind of circus I can get behind.  We kicked it off by marching in our very own marching band (with loud instruments and all—the adult, deep relaxation yoga class next door surely heard our joyful clamor.) The kids made a line of elephants, pretended to be giraffes, and to top it all off, got to run through an obstacle course where they swung on the “trapeze,” leaped through hoops, jumped on a trampoline (all spotted, don’t worry), crawled through a tunnel and ended in a giant red tent like clowns in a clown-car. It was fantastic and the kids had an absolute blast. So did I! And hopefully we’ve off-set some of my circus ill-humor that spur my children’s future ire.  - Amanda Beresford, parent