Mom and Mi #8: Under the Sea

amanda pic.jpeg

This week, we went to the ocean. What could be more magical than journeying under the ocean?  The greatest part about it, was that every kid, no matter the age, had something to relate to and get excited about. For my four-year-old girl, it was the mermaids (yes, she made them create a mermaid pose). For my little one, it was scooting around on her tummy and yelling, “ooh-ahh!” like a big, blue whale. For the three-year-old boy, it was chomping like a shark. Whatever their favorite, it was covered. I have to say, bobbing up and down and dangling like a jellyfish was really fun for me. Also the giant, class octopus we made.

When I look back on each class we took, I am amazed by how much we did in just one hour. The time absolutely flew by and we were singing our good-bye, “Home/Om” song before I knew it!

It was our last class of the semester, which was sad. I had to break the news to the kids on our way there and my older daughter started to cry. However, they gave the kids the parting gift of a kazoo, which greatly lifted their spirits and means lots of interesting holiday music in our house!  - Amanda Beresford, parent