Mom and Mi #6: Nature Poses

amanda pic.jpeg

Even though we traveled to Italy this week (very exciting for me—pizza, the coliseum, gondolas in Venice), when I asked my daughter what her favorite part of Yo Re Mi was this week, she said “the bird and the sun.”  

Every week, we begin class with a sun salutation, conveniently set to a song that the kids love to sing. We enact the sun rising, then pretend to be a hissing snake, a barking dog, and even a frog. It works. It wakes up their little bodies and gets them ready to get moving. The other salutation is set to a song where we pretend to be birds diving down to try to catch a worm, and then the poor worm diving down into the ground to evade the catch! (The worm escapes - phew).  

I think they like it for the same reasons that we grown-ups like the sun salutations. It’s repetitive and “easy,” in the sense that you can catch on quickly enough to really work at it. While some of the younger kids lag behind a bit during the other songs, they shine during the regular salutations. - Amanda Beresford, parent