Interactive Kids Songs: Sing and Move to Scooter Scat

When children ask for a new song, we listen!

In our professional development workshops, we are constantly encouraging teachers to be improvisational. Children really respond to invention - and while singing a new song on the spot may feel risky, we love it.

Maybe it’s our adventurous spirit, or our many years as songwriters, but we try and inspire teachers and children to be creative without too much of a filter. So the day one child asked for a scooter-themed song, we really gave new meaning to “thinking on your feet.”

Here’s the children’s scooter song we came up with:

Scooter Scat for Child Development

Since Yo Re Mi pairs kids music with imagination and yoga-based movement, “Scooter Scat” naturally focuses on the same child development principles.

The Scooter Scat is a “scooterly dooter” tune that further develops motor skills, coordination, core strength, and balance. Meeting back in mountain pose, children are able to focus on the right and left sides of their bodies, independently, while using their creativity and imagination to choose their own dance before switching to the opposite leg.

Kids scooter themed song for child development

Take it a step further and ask students about their dream scooters.

Children’s music creates a comfortable, welcoming environment for exploration and inquisition. It is a time to encourage the classroom to share their ideas, and maybe even sing different versions of a song based on those ideas.

What color would your scooter be? Would it make a ZOOOOM sound while riding? Or would it be quiet, whistling a whizzzz sound as you cruise along? Would you share your scooter with a friend and remember to wait for your parents before riding across the street? The exploratory questions are endless!

The Scooter Scat is a great example of saying “Yes” to ideas while using a bit of creativity and flexibility. When we leave room for imagination in the classroom, we help students stay engaged while honoring each child’s artistic voice.


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Kids scooter themed song for child development