+ What is Yo Re Mi?

Yoga and Mindfulness + Reggio Philosophy + Music Education for Schools!

Yo Re Mi combines music, yoga and mindfulness education into one affordable and effective curriculum-based enrichment class. Through our unique combination of live music and yoga, Yo Re Mi promotes a child’s physical, social, emotional and mental health. We provide a nurturing atmosphere that encourages children to relax and have fun while they develop strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, body awareness, focus, concentration and self-confidence.

Yo Re Mi brings curriculum-based music and yoga education to school classrooms, pre-school through fifth grade. Our classes are designed by early childhood experts and are led by highly trained, certified and experienced teachers. We proudly provide music and yoga curriculum for thousands of children in New York City schools and daycare centers and work specifically with Pre-K For All programs to meet the Pre-Kindergarten Foundations for the Common Core (PKFCC). Bring our program to your school.

+ What are the educational benefits of Yo Re Mi?

Yoga-based movement, breathing and mindfulness practice foster concentration, focus, strength, flexibility, balance, health, social emotional learning, fine and gross motor skills, as well as breath and body awareness.

Music education fosters speech development, listening skills, patterning and sequencing, social skills, memory, emotional development and physical coordination.

We combine music education with yoga-based movement and mindfulness practice to trigger sensory integration and complex cognitive development, and aid retention as children learn through experiences that include physical, auditory and emotional inputs. Both music and mindfulness have a tremendously relaxing effect on our minds and bodies and can significantly reduce stress and enhance self-regulation.

+ How do you incorporate the Reggio Emilia approach?

Our teachers and students work collaboratively to create a unique, child-led adventure in each session. We encourage children to share their ideas, and our teachers say “Yes,” using their creativity, knowledge, and improvisation skills. We mindfully employ language strategies which encourage conversation. We know that participation looks and sounds different for everyone. We ask a lot of questions to encourage self-reflection and process-based learning.

+ What is mindfulness?

We teach mindfulness as “observation without judgement.” Our teachers encourage children to build self-awareness by bringing their full attention to the present moment - to their breathing, emotions, thoughts, physical sensations, sounds and anything else that is happening - without reacting or judging. This practice reduces stress while promoting focus and concentration as well as feelings of calm, empathy and well-being.

+ Wait, I thought yoga is a religion... right?

Nope. Yo Re Mi is a fully secular program.

We do not include any aspects of religion or religious language in our classes. Our physical movements are yoga-based and also draw on dance, martial arts, educational kinesthetics, creative movement and dramatic play. We teach mindfulness as awareness without judgement and encourage our students to become aware of their emotions, thoughts, breath and body. We integrate this with social-emotional learning (SEL) by giving children tools to outwardly express these sensations in a positive, creative, cooperative and safe manner.

+ As an administrator, what can I do to ensure a successful class at my school?

Provide an area large enough for a movement class, clear of other materials and away from other classroom noise or distractions. Area may be carpeted or school may provide yoga mats for non-carpeted area.

At least one classroom teacher must be present and participating (on a mat, moving and singing) in every class, with a maximum of twenty-four children per class. Smaller class sizes are encouraged.

Send parents the Yo Re Mi Parent Information Sheet and teachers the Yo Re Mi Teacher Information Sheet two weeks before classes begin. We are available to assist you in proactively addressing any questions or concerns that may arise, or to lead a Professional Development workshop for your teachers to learn more about the benefits of yoga in the classroom.

+ What should I expect of children in a Yo Re Mi class?

Every child learns and experiences musical yoga in their own unique way. Whether a child is actively participating or not, they are learning and absorbing information. Don't be frustrated if a child is not as physically expressive as another child.

Keep in mind:

  • Some children choose to observe rather than to move and sing in class. They are taking in information, which they may act on later in the school day or at home.
  • As children become accustomed to the class routine and their classmates, their active participation is likely to increase.
  • When given the chance to absorb, process and participate at their own pace, children will have greater agency in their decisions and a stronger sense of empowerment.
  • If a child is displaying safe behavior there is no reason to correct or change their authentic exploration of the material.

+ What should I expect of myself (teachers, caregivers and parents)?

As a valuable model for the children in your care, your most effective role is to participate and enjoy the Yo Re Mi class yourself, even though some children might choose to sit back and observe. If you are enjoying yourself and fully participating, the children will likely wish to share that enjoyment with you. Model the behavior you expect and desire and the children will follow. Please refrain from any cell phone usage during the class.

You may be called on to assist with redirecting unsafe or disruptive behavior using progressive education language and techniques. Please review the Yo Re Mi Teacher Information Sheet or Yo Re Mi Parent Information Sheet before the start of classes and contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

+ Do you provide Professional Development or training for educators?

Yes, we provide introductory, half-day and full-day professional development workshops that teach educators how to immediately implement yoga, mindfulness and breathing techniques with their students to increase focus, self-regulation, SEL and assist during transitions. If you want to incorporate yoga and mindfulness throughout the school day with your students, contact us to learn more and get started.

+ Do you do special events and birthday parties?

Yes, we have worked with various organizations to provide musical yoga entertainment for special events including The Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Tribeca Film Festival, Hudson Eats at Brookfield Place and Habana Works.

Our private birthday parties are unique, fun and entertaining for both children and adults. Contact us for more details and pricing.

+ Can I become a Yo Re Mi teacher?

Absolutely! We are always looking for awesome teachers in the NYC area. Find out more information about training and requirements here.

+ Great photos - who took them?

Some were taken by Yo Re Mi schools, teachers and parents like you. We also work with talented local photographers, including Charles Lavoie, Charles Meacham, and Marisa Erin.

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