We are honest, unique, vulnerable and brave. No two bodies or imaginations are the same, but each is important and valuable. We make sure children feel seen and heard, and we validate their ideas. We celebrate our similarities and our differences. We are seekers and we don’t have all the answers. We strive to do our best, and to get better. We are not afraid to fall or fail. We celebrate our successes and claim our mistakes. We might compare but we don’t compete. Be different, be yourself. Our diversity makes us strong and successful.


We bring our best selves to the present moment. We show up prepared and ready to go. We demonstrate careful bodies and thoughtful words. We accept and honor each other’s inherent value and the importance of a safe and nurturing environment. We plan and we listen. We respect our resources and we are not wasteful. We act in service of our communities. We use responsive language and techniques. We create a judgement-free environment where there are no good or bad children. We are a community learning together.


We keep things moving. We try, reflect, revise, and improve. We practice. We learn by doing. We put concepts into our bodies and into our voices. We test our abilities, challenge our preconceptions and refine our ideas. We develop new skills and sharpen our old ones. We endeavor to create success with passion and precision. When things get too cerebral, we ask, “How can we put this into action?”


Creativity is a muscle like any other - with effort we can make it stronger. How? By saying yes. We say yes to ideas and encourage children to express them. We collaborate, flexing those imagination muscles in groups: communicating, brainstorming, celebrating, experimenting. We are flexible, improvisational. Ask, “I wonder...” “What do you think about this?” “Who has a new way?”  Innovate and be fearless.