FREE Yo Re Mi Concert 9/19, 11-1 in Battery Park City!

Sing and stretch with us this Saturday 9/19 from 11-1 at Hudson Eats at Brookfield Place for two free shows! Details here

Dinosaur Adventure with Yo Re Mi
Get your shovels and brushes - we're going on a dinosaur dig! What will we uncover? Using Yo Re Mi's unique combination of yoga and original live music, children will pack for adventure, dig in the ground, zip and zoom in a time machine, stretch high like a brachiosaurus, and return safely home. All of this using our powerful imaginations, bodies and voices. Fun for all ages. Parent participation encouraged!

Jambo! Africa with Yo Re Mi
Lions and tigers and elephants, oh my! Join us as we use our bodies, voices and imaginations to explore wildlife from the desert, the rainforest, and the savanna of Africa. Learn about rhythm and african folk songs, and discover the interesting species from Madagascar! Yo Re Mi's unique combination of yoga plus original live music is fun for all ages. Parent participation is encouraged!