Bring Yo Re Mi techniques and practices into your classrooms.

Our senior staff is ready to join your community and help you grow.

Professional Development Workshops are for EVERYONE: Teachers, Administrators, Social Workers, Paraprofessionals, Coaches, the list goes on!

  • Workshops are designed for persons of all abilities. No previous yoga or music experience is required.

  • Workshops can be 90 minutes, 3 hours (half-day), or 6 hours (full-day) in length.

  • We offer individual workshops as well as workshop series.

  • Every workshop includes access to supplemental online materials.

  • For pricing and more information, email us!

Course Descriptions:


Incorporating music, movement and mindfulness into early education curriculum

We’ll share methods for creating safe space, using supportive language, and encouraging a classroom community where important concepts and information can be explored in fun and creative ways. Learn music and movement-based activities to engage children from pre-school through fifth grade. This workshop can be split into two separate components for an enhanced training experience.


The Yoga of Teaching: Self-Care, Stress Management and Mindfulness for Educators

This one’s for teachers and how we take care of ourselves! Learn breathing, movement, relaxation and visualization techniques to foster self-care, well-being and mindfulness. Participants will understand the physiology of stress, the impact of stress on our health and learn yoga-based movement and breathing exercises to relieve stress and anxiety.

Observing Without Judgement:
 MINDFULNESS AND Effective Language for Classroom Communication

Gain some insight into Yo Re Mi’s unique and effective language strategies. Combining mindfulness practices, fact-based observations, classroom management and tools for self-awareness. Create meaningful and effective communication in the classroom. This workshop can be split into two separate components for an enhanced training experience.



BE HEARD: Call and response, improvisation and vocal technique for attention and learning

Learn how to effectively use your voice - and not lose it! With an understanding of basic vocal production, enjoy practical activities, songs and games to focus your classroom’s attention and prepare your students for learning. Harness your own creativity to make up fun, new, and relevant material for your lessons!