New Year's Intentions for Families!


I am not a huge fan of resolutions but I love intentions! Resolutions often play into our perfectionism and, when we inevitably break them, they can be a huge source of negative self talk and discouragement.

Setting intentions can be more positive than resolutions.

Intentions acknowledge that any lifestyle change is a process and can be positive and enjoyable.

When we choose to stretch or grow ourselves in a new way, there will always be growing pains. But if we can mindfully observe old patterns as they surface, without judgement, then we can begin to reshape our lives.

What intentions are you setting for this year? Try turning them into present-tense affirmations! 

To do this, think about how you will feel when you have realized your intention.

  • "I want to get in shape" or "I want to lose 10 lbs." may become My body is strong and powerful or I feel good in my body.

  • "I will spend more time with family" may become I feel loved and nurtured by my family or My family brings me joy, laughter and fulfillment!

How to stay mindful of your affirmations throughout the year:

There are many ways to remind yourself about the affirmations you make. You can:

  • Write your affirmations on a card and carry them with you

  • Tape them to your bathroom mirror

  • Hang your affirmations on the fridge

  • Use colorful markers, collage or paint to display your affirmations

  • Have your kids join you and state your intentions together when you wake up in the morning and at bedtime.

Have fun!