Yo Re Mi Loves Dalcroze Eurythmics


Yo Re Mi embraces a fusion of educational philosophies. One music educational method that has informed our classes is the concept of eurythmics developed by Emile Jaques-Dalcroze.

What is Dalcroze?

Dalcroze eurythmics embrace the body as a physical instrument of music, through exercises which create a heightened awareness of the body's responses to music as well as the body in physical space.

How does Dalcroze eurythmics influence Yo Re Mi musical yoga?

Students experience rhythm, beat patterns, time signature, tempi, tonal changes, and other musical concepts through movement. Additionally the students can improvise movement which is informed by their personal experience of the music they are hearing. 

Dalcroze wrote: I am beginning to think of a musical education in which the body would play the role of intermediary between sound and thought, so becoming an expressive instrument. Bodily movement is an experience felt by a sixth sense, the muscular sense. This consists of the relationship between the dynamics of movement and the position of the body in space, between the duration of movement and its extent, between the preparation of a movement and its performance. 

As we create content for Yo Re Mi, Dalcroze inspires us to physicalize our musical concepts - which is particularly important for our young learners. When we jump on the downbeat, or march to different time signatures, or move from our tip-toes to child's pose on a descending scale, we are taking key concepts and exploring them physically.

When we combine movement and music with mindfulness and imagination, Yo Re Mi nurtures an expanded awareness of our body, mind, our senses and ourselves within a larger environment. In addition to singing through our stretches, and moving to music created live in the classroom, Yo Re Mi students are encouraged to improvise and experiment - without any specified goal other than the journey of discovery.

This article and video provide two wonderful explanations of Dalcroze eurythmics.