The Pop-Ups "Subway Train" (with Animal Yoga!)

Inspiration comes from the world around us - and we are very inspired by the art and artists we know in New York City.

The Pop-Ups are a children's musical duo who have been making incredible music, videos, TV appearances and live shows since 2010. Their music is fun, catchy, and not just for kids! They were nominated for a GRAMMY award for their 2014 gem, "Radio Jungle."

Their song "Subway Train" is a hit in our sing-along classes. We add animal yoga poses for each animal and train. Give it a try! With this activity, we are reviewing the alphabet through movement. It's also a perfect fit for a unit on transportation!

There's always a way to make a familiar activity more fun: perhaps a song for brushing teeth before bed, or a call-and-response rhythm for lining up after recess. Ask, "How can I add movement or music to enhance this activity?" Children are intensely creative and are always inspired. They are going to play, sing and move. We improve our interactions and ability to communicate with children when we meet them in this mindset. If you don't know how you can make an activity more fun or interesting - just ask a child! They probably have a few ideas that they'd love to share with you.

Enjoy the video for "Subway Train" by the incredible Garrett Davis!