Help Children Focus Their Intentions With Archer Pose

Feeling scattered and anxious?
Want to build core strength or stretch your arms and legs?
Hoping to clear your head and reground?

Help Children Focus in Archer Pose

Archer Pose is a full body pose that deeply stretches the hamstrings and arms, opens the hips, and strengthens and stabilizes the core muscles. In order to balance within the pose, we have to quiet our minds and focus our awareness.

By practicing Archer Pose, we build the strength and focus required for challenging arm balances and the space and flexibility in the large muscle groups in our legs, our quads and hamstrings, for deeper flexion and extension in poses like Dancer or Warrior three. Holding these strong shapes allows us to practice maintaining our focus and mental calm while being physically challenged.

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Practice Archer Pose with kids by pretending to be a warrior with a bow and arrow, or by singing our Archer Song!

Comfortable seat, aka criss cross applesauce

Comfortable seat, aka criss cross applesauce

How To: Archer Pose

  • Archer pose can be challenging so we like to begin by activating and warming the muscles that we will be working. Pair each movement with your breath to build focus and calm.

  • Start in a comfortable seated position like criss cross applesauce or Butterfly Pose to open up your hips. Hey butterflies, flutter your butterfly wings!

  • Now we’ll move to Forward Fold. Stretch your legs out long in front of you.

  • Hinge at your hips to fold your torso over your legs. Bend your knees if your hamstrings are really tight!

Forward Fold

Forward Fold

  • Sit back up with a long spine, keeping your legs stretched out in front of you.

  • Bend your right leg and hug it in close to your body.

  • Using your right hand, hold the outside of your foot and lift it up halfway, beginning to open the right hamstring.

  • Gently release your foot back to the floor.

  • Fold forward and using your “peace” fingers on your left hand, hook them around your left big toe.

  • Using your “peace” fingers  on your right hand, hook them around your right big toe.

  • Engaging your belly, lift your right leg, reaching your toes towards your right ear.

  • Now repeat this sequence on your left side.

  • You’re an archer!

Tips for Mastering Archer Pose with Children:

  • If you are new to Archer, make sure to warm up the muscle groups that you will be using before you start! Open the hips and stretch the quads by practicing Butterfly Pose. Warm up your hamstrings with a deep forward fold.

  • Feel free to hold the outside of your foot, instead of using your “peace” fingers to hook your big toes. This will give you more stability and less chance to slip!

  • Hinge at your hips instead of rounding through your low back.

  • Focus your gaze on a fixed point about 6 inches past your front toes to ensure the neck remains long and aligned with the rest of the spine.

Kids Yoga Video: Try Archer Pose with us!

Practice Archer Pose with Dan. Make your body into a warrior with a bow and arrow! Make sure to do both sides before taking a rest. If your kids love transforming into archers, try our Warrior song next!

Practicing Archer pose is really fun! Plus, it builds core strength which is an integral part of gross and fine motor learning. Did you know that torso stability and alignment of the spine are directly related to a child’s fine motor skills such as drawing or playing with small toys?

You go yogis! Keep up the good practice!



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