Where to Find Yoga for Kids When There Are No Studio Classes Near You

The benefits of yoga and mindfulness for children are endless. The reality is, however, yoga classes for kids are not always readily available. Not every community is brimming with yoga studios — let alone daily children’s yoga classes. And not every child has the resources to access yoga programs.

So we’re bringing our favorite yoga resources to you. If you are a parent, caregiver or educator eager to enrich kids with yoga, music and mindfulness but can’t find kids yoga classes nearby, there are other options.

Here are the top five ways we bring yoga and mindfulness to children both in and out of the classroom.


1. Children Can Practice Yoga Anywhere With 24/7 Access to Free Kids Yoga Videos

No need to purchase kids yoga DVD collections or a membership to an expensive kids yoga studio in the next town over! Did you know that there are great free kids yoga videos available online?

Whether your child is staying home or being entertained with a mobile device, a playlist of kids music and yoga videos is an effective way to keep them entertained, learning and focused.

Where to find kids yoga videos online:

Our YouTube Channel’s Free Kids Yoga Videos have plenty of kid-friendly yoga sequences, calming videos for children, themed poses, and even full adventures! In each Yo Re Mi video, we go on an imaginary adventure that you can follow along from the comfort of your own home, classroom or park – all by streaming free video!

You can create a yoga video playlist of your own, collecting your child’s favorite videos, or choose a curated playlist with a special theme. Yo Re Mi’s playlists include animal yoga and sensory integration exercises, for instance. If you subscribe to our free channel and request notifications, you’ll even get an email alert whenever we post a new video.

2. Incorporate Yoga and Mindfulness into School Programming

If you want your child or students to experience yoga, music and mindful enrichment but don’t have classes near you, consider advocating for programming at their school instead!

Inquire about any enrichment programs your school offers — maybe there is a physical education curriculum that incorporates mindfulness, already. If not, there are affordable third party programs that will support your kids with movement, music and mindful education.

How to Get In-School Yoga classes and Yoga Education for the Classroom:

Some school budgets support teaching partners who bring yoga into the classroom, such as Yo Re Mi. We work with the Department of Education and the Office of School Wellness to collaborate with schools and offer our yoga program to students right in their own classrooms.

There are may also be scholarships and financial aid available to qualifying institutions, as well as option to conduct larger, assembly workshops too. With so many possibilities, there’s no reason why yoga can’t be part of your school curriculum. In fact, surveys say NY Certified Teachers and Administrators find kids yoga programs improve school performance.

3. Find Affordable Yoga Certification Training to Teach Kids Yoga, Yourself!

Do you wish your neighborhood had more accessible yoga for children? Why not be the change you wish to see? For some communities, yoga classes for children may be unavailable or out of reach. But you can help change that. By being trained in children’s yoga and receiving yoga certification, you take a big leap in equipping yourself to teach yoga to kids anywhere.

  • No, you don’t have to become a studio yoga teacher. Classroom teachers, administrators or daycare providers can train to gain skills and certification to incorporate yoga into school curriculum.

  • No, you don’t have to be an educator. Training is also a perfect fit for parents who want to further nurture their child’s mindful learning journey with yoga at home — or on vacation.

There are many yoga trainings you can choose from too: Yo Re Mi offers yoga training certification at affordable rates. No yoga experience is required, and the 30-hour certification is completed over a long weekend.

Affordable Childrens Yoga Training Certification in NYC.jpg

4. Find Kid-Friendly Community Events that Offer Yoga Classes

Summer and holiday breaks, as well as weekends, offer the best opportunity to get involved with your city’s local happenings for families — including kids music and yoga activities. Whether with the local library, children’s museum or community center, there’s a plethora of community events for your child’s mindful growth.

For example, SPARK at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum in NYC partners with local teaching artists and vendors to bring music, art, and yoga to children throughout the year. Yo Re Mi often offers kids yoga at these community programs. You can also check your local library’s monthly calendar, summer day camps or the city’s park schedule of outdoor and fitness events to find walk-in and/or free activities for your child.

5. Request Kid’s Yoga Classes at a Studio Near You

Sometimes in order to make something happen, you simply have to ask for it. If you take adult yoga classes at a local studio and would like to see a kids yoga class once a week, why not request it? Even better, try to get a preliminary headcount of fellow members who’d be interested in bringing their kids to the studio for yoga classes.

Equipped with purchasing power, a fresh idea and evidence of potential customers, a request to the front desk will surely kickstart the conversation. And who knows? You may be surprised by the breadth of training your favorite teacher has. They may already be certified to teach children’s yoga or know an excellent local teacher who is. If not, they may be interested in pairing their RYT certification with a supplemental 30-hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training certification!

As always, sometimes you have to be the change you want to see in the world. Even if there aren’t yoga studios for children near you, there are plenty of other ways to enrich your child with kids yoga. They deserve it!


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