NYS Teachers Find Music, Yoga and Mindfulness Programs Improve School Performance (Survey Results)

Dozens of educators have implemented Yo Re Mi’s music, yoga and mindfulness program into their schools, day cares and summer programming. So in the spirit of valued feedback, we surveyed New York State certified teachers and administrators who supplement their classroom curriculum with Yo Re Mi. 

Is music, movement and mindfulness really an effective approach to elevating school performance and supporting early childhood education? Based on survey results, 100% of 2018’s respondents reported satisfaction with our program in their schools; 98% of teachers agreed that the children in their class benefit from Yo Re Mi.

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As educators, parents and caregivers, we seek sustainable methods that support child development and educational growth… so what makes music, movement and mindfulness so important to early childhood education? And why do certified teachers and school administrators find Yo Re Mi to be so beneficial?

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
— Helen Keller

Here are 6 ways an enrichment program like Yo Re Mi can improve classroom performance and support child development when integrated with your school curriculum.

1. Mindfulness education supports children with learning disabilities

Not surprisingly, 96% of teachers who’ve implemented Yo Re Mi in their classroom also recommend our music, yoga and mindfulness program for students with learning disabilities. 

Creative yoga sequences, call and response kids songs and daily mindfulness practice are some of the many ways we can support language development, sensory exploration and social emotional learning at an inviting, responsive pace. In fact, 9 out of 10 teachers see children demonstrate an increase in sensory integration after collaborating with Yo Re Mi. 

2. In-school music, yoga and mindfulness supports student whole-body wellness

Over 95% of NYS certified teachers and school administrators agree that Yo Re Mi has a positive impact on their children’s physical, emotional and mental well-being.

While physical fitness is often expected from children’s yoga (kids yoga poses develop flexibility, balance, strength and motor skills), educators are often thrilled to also observe the growth in students’ self-regulation and body awareness through mindfulness. These mindfulness skills are carried over to social interactions, emotional regulation and focus.

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3. Music education develops creativity and communication skills

When we combine mindfulness with music and yoga we nurture a unique mix of developmental milestones. Music improves listening skills and speech development, and our original children’s songs encourage imagination and collaboration.

As a program inspired by the play-based Reggio Emilia approach, music allows us to create a safe space for improvisation, creativity and question-based self reflection. Learning through new, musical experiences helps promote focus, process-based learning and observation without judgement.

Kids Yoga Music - YRM
Kids yoga music - YRM

4. Collaboration is essential to success in education

We believe that when we listen to each other, collaborate and say “Yes” to new ideas, we are able to grow and inspire innovation. You can learn more about our collaboration approach during our teacher trainings.

This philosophy can be seen in the classroom during a Yo Re Mi class with students, or even with teachers and administrators in our partner schools; 93% of NYS certified teachers agreed that Yo Re Mi instructors encouraged sharing ideas — and used them!

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5. Students (and teachers) benefit from physical education

It is no secret that many educational programs spend a lot of time inside the classroom — especially in cities where parks and nature are not in abundance. According to a School Health Practices and Policies study by the CDC, only 3.7% of K-12 schools require daily physical education or its equivalent. This leads to bottled up energy, tension and anxiety in children. It also begins to affect concentration, classroom behavior and even your lesson plan!

96% of NYS certified teachers agree that Yo Re Mi gives children the opportunity to engage in physical activity, which can address many of these challenges with intention. Prioritizing movement and mindfulness helps release that tension and energy.

So whether you join us live on Facebook, watch our library of free kids yoga videos on a classroom smart board or add our enrichment program to your class schedule, your students will reap the benefits of mindful movement!

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6. Curriculum-based enrichment programs support Common Core State Standards

With monthly themes in consideration of Common Core and NYS Department of Education standards, Yo Re Mi curates content, web resources, original music and yoga videos that help support your school and classroom curriculum.

Improved focus and reduced anxiety helps test takers; emotional self-regulation improves classroom behavior; empathy, communication and social skills aids in relationship building. 95% of administrators agree that their school’s Yo Re Mi instructor supported their curriculum and we are glad to see more schools able to enhance student learning and classroom success through yoga, mindfulness and music education.


So, what next?

Though music, yoga and mindfulness has been around for ages it is only in recent years that its positive effects on child development have been recognized and valued. In New York State alone, 95% of surveyed teachers believe that the Department of Education should embed Yo Re Mi into their overall curriculum — and we agree! 

If you are interested in learning more about our affordable, curriculum-based enrichment program, and how to bring Yo Re Mi to your students, contact us here.

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