Helicopter Pose is One of Our Favorite Seated Twists (Yoga Poses for Kids)

Are you feeling sluggish and craving sweets?
Have you spent your day slumped over a desk or at a computer?
Looking to create energy and stoke your inner fire?

Take time to twist!

Twisting poses activate core muscles while strengthening and lengthening the spine. Wonderful for digestion, twists create spinal flexibility, improve posture and open the chest and shoulders.

This Seated Twist is a perfect way to gather and ground a group. Our "Helicopter" variation also includes a shoulder roll which releases serotonin, helping to de-stress, relax and calm.

Seated Twist Pose.jpeg

Helicopter Rhyme:

Sing along with our video below...
Hello Hello, helicopter
Hello Hello, helicopter
Hello Hello, helicopter
Swing my arms around
(repeat as many times as you like, going faster and slower)
Roll, roll, roll...slow your engine down

Roll, roll, roll...slow your engine down
Roll, roll, roll...slow your engine down
Land on the ground

Tips for Mastering Seated Twist:

  • Twist from your navel to engage your core and relax your neck

  • Lengthen your spine and level and relax your shoulders

  • Keep both sit bones on the floor so your hips and pelvis stay neutral while you twist

Fun Variations of Seated Twist:

  • Twist on your breath - Inhale arms up, exhale twist right, inhale arms up to center, exhale twist left

  • Helicopter - place hands on your shoulders, bring elbows up to shoulder height and twist slow and fast

  • Stand up and twist side to side as you move around the room learning how to safely navigate the space and avoid other bodies

Work together in a partner twist!

Partner poses create opportunities for SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and teamwork.

  • Sit cross-legged, back-to-back. Take a few deep breaths noticing how your body feels.

  • Can you feel your back? Can you feel your partner breathing? Would it be possible to synchronize your breaths so you are breathing at the same time?

  • Twist to the right, keeping your backs touching, bringing your right hand to your partners knee and your left hand to your right knee.

  • Synch your breath again, leaning gently into your partner, giving and receiving support as you inhale to lengthen and exhale to twist.

Seated Twist Partner.jpg

Seated twists can be done anywhere...seated on the floor or in a chair, at your desk, on the subway, or even in the car! Come on baby, do the twist!