Story Songs!

It’s so much fun to tell a story through music and movement. For example, check out our song “The Bird And The Worm.”

There are many examples of story songs which parents and teachers already share with children. Think about a song like, “Itsy Bitsy Spider” - it’s a whole story in four lines! How could you “play” this song? Using creative movement children could be spiders, then falling rain, then the sun, and then the spider again.

We tell so many stories through song! There's a group of songs I affectionately call the “Five Littles” - Five Little Ducks, Five Little Monkeys, Five Little Fishies, Five Little Apples, and Five (Little) Green and Speckled Frogs. They are all great for acting out!

The most famous story song by Pete Seeger is “Abiyoyo” - developed from an African folk tune, expanded to tell the story of a brave boy, his father, and their village which hadn’t seen the big giants for a hundred years…until now. There are countless ways to incorporate movement!

And my recent favorite, “The Green Grass Grows All Around”

Using my version of the song, you can incorporate these movements. If you use a different version of this song, you might need to modify or invent your own!

Tree - stand tall like a mountain
Limb - Half-moon pose
Branch - Two arms out like airplane wings
Twig - Pointer fingers extended
Nest - Hand on shoulders, twisting side to side (like helicopters)
Egg - Squat with arms wrapped around knees
Alligator - Two arms like an alligator chomping (you can totally do a bird here if you choose!)
Eyelash - Fast blinking eyes
Flea - Scratch your body all over!

Every times we say “The green grass grew all around” we do a forward fold, roll through our spine (or come up with a flat back) and wiggle our fingers back up to standing. Have fun!


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Dan Costello is the Creative Director of Yo Re Mi.