Boost Confidence and Self-Esteem with Warrior Pose (Kids Yoga Poses)

Are you feeling overwhelmed and powerless?
Looking for the perfect pose to build confidence and self-esteem?

Did you know you can be your own superhero?

Be a Powerful Warrior!


Warrior empowers, strengthens and stabilizes while improving balance and increasing concentration, focus and stamina. This pose also creates flexibility in shoulders and hips.

Warrior helps manage stress by releasing tension and building a foundation of self-trust. Here are lots of variations, so start with the basics and then find your favorite!

Warrior Sing-Along:

Here's how we start, feet wide apart. Arms like a star, WARRIOR RAR!
Pick up your toes, turn your feet. Bend your knee, 1...2...3
I am still, I am strong! I am still, I am strong! Now back to a star, Warrior RAR!

(Repeat on the other side)

Tips for Mastering Warrior Pose:

  • Press down evenly through both feet

  • Level your hips and center your torso

  • Reach your arms out and gaze over your front hand

Fun Variations of Warrior Pose:

  • Make up your own powerful affirmation! (examples: I am strong! My heart is brave!)

  • Flying Warrior - Breathe in as you straighten your front knee and raise arms overhead, Breathe out to bend your knee and widen arms to warrior.

  • Choose a warrior name and make a warrior face.

  • Empower your voice and release tension with a loud battle cry.

Flow between Warrior and Peaceful Warrior on the breath to focus, energize and calm.
Inhale to peaceful, Exhale to warrior


Warrior is a great reminder that we are often stronger and more capable than we might think! Try it before a test, presentation or important meeting and trust yourself.