Whale Pose Makes Us Feel Wonderful! Try this Yoga Pose with Children.

Want to strengthen your spine and improve your posture?
Feeling sluggish and need to supercharge your digestive system?
Would to like to feel a sense of lightness and expansion in your chest and breath?

Feel Wonderful in Whale!

Whale Pose (aka Locust in traditional yoga) is an active and energizing pose that strengthens the muscles of the back body while stretching the shoulders, chest and throat. It also strengthens abdominal muscles and core, and stimulates digestion and elimination.

Whale Yoga Pose.jpg

Whale pose is also great for sensory integration as it stimulates vestibular and proprioceptive senses. Young children have little relationship with the back of their body. You can help increase their awareness by placing a bean bag or weighted stuffed animal on their back during this pose.

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How To: Whale Pose

  • Lie on your belly, arms along your sides and forehead on the floor

  • Lift your head, torso, arms and legs away from the floor

  • Look forward or slightly up

Tips for Mastering Whale:

  • Reach back through your toes and forward through your chest

  • Keep the leg muscles strong and engaged

  • Relax your shoulders even as you lift away from the floor

  • Allow your chest to open and breathe deeply into that space

Fun Variations of Whale Pose:

  • Reach your arms wide to make the enormous blue whale. Interlace your fingers behind your back and stretch your arms away from your body to make an orca fin. Reach your arms forward, interlace your fingers and point your index fingers to make a narwhal. Bend your elbows and interlace your fingers behind your head to make a beluga or white whale.

  • Use your voice - Sing "Baby Beluga" or make whale sounds. Whales use noises to communicate, find food and learn about their surroundings.

Group and Partner Whale

Whales travel together in groups called pods. Make whales with a group and sing to each other. One you feel super strong in whale, you can try flying whale - a partner yoga variation. Young children can do this safely with an adult and older children may be able to do this together (with an adult spotter).

group whale pose.JPG
partner whale pose.jpg
partner whale pose.jpg

From seahorses to starfish, sharks to squids, there are so many ways to use our bodies and voices to explore animals that live in the water! Tune in every Monday morning as we go LIVE on our Facebook page to share more music and yoga fun with water!