Fun Kids Yoga Partner Poses that are Great for Classroom Group Activities

Are you craving physical or emotional support?
Are you working on strengthening your relationships?
Are you just looking to spend some quality time with your family?

Team up for partner poses!

So often we imagine yoga as a solo sport. It's our sacred time to take a break, hit pause on the noise and chaos that is life, and find some me-time. But there's no need to limit yoga to a solitary pastime! It can be even more fun to bring the whole family together for a yoga jam!

Partner Trikonasana.jpg

Partner poses are calming and grounding. They require a different kind of listening as you work to share weight and match breath. When practiced with a partner, family member, or friend, these poses create a strong sense of physical and emotional support, improve trust and communication, and benefit those who experience challenges when it comes to social and emotional learning.

Partner poses encourage participants to trust one another, sharing weight and developing communication skills to succesfully join together in the creation of shapes.

Seated Twist Partner.jpg

These poses improve our proprioception, that sense of awareness that tells us where our bodies are in space. Young children are still developing a sense of the back of their bodies, and strengthening proprioception through partner poses can help them begin to identify the physical outlines of "self."

More than anything, partner poses are a fun way to bring the family together and put a smile on your face!

Tips for mastering partner poses:

  • Use your words! Talk to your partner and tell them what works and what doesn't.

  • Share weight! Find a balance between the weight given and weight received. Find that sweet spot and you may find balancing becomes effortless!

  • Breathe together! Sync your breathing to find rhythm and calm.

Partner poses to try:

  • Parent and baby whale

  • Seated partner twist

  • Partner boat

  • Forest of trees

  • Partner forward fold

  • Partner child's pose/lizard on a rock

Partner Forward Fold Reclined.jpg

Group and Partner Tree

Feeling grounded and balanced in your tree pose? Time to take it up a notch. Try balancing in teams of two or more to create a forest!

Go wild! Explore new shapes you can create with your bodies and share your own pose on our Facebook page!

Group Tree Pose.jpg